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Sales Guns™
Go To Market Services
Business Transformation

Through our experience, knowledge, and people, iPhocus is able to provide a wide range of sales support programs.


  • Confirmation of Ability to meet Customers Expectations (pre-contract)
  • Collaterals and Tools to Sell
  • Implementation and Delivery Schedule, Resources, Process and Tasks
  • Delivery and Delivery Management
  • Customer Experience Factors and Measurement
  • Support Factors and Measurement
  • Customer Feedback and Information Process with Report Card Process
  • Measurement and Feedback to Management and Sales
  • Unified View of Cradle to Grave Customer Value

Provides an effective process to deliver and measure delivery. Provides feedback to sales and management to resolve potential problems with sales process, product or suppliers. Saves time and money. Provides information for other sales opportunities within the account for growth. Builds customer loyalty through added value.