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Carlyle is the Managing Partner, and co-founder of iPhocus Inc. as well as Principal and founder of iPhocus Venture Management Group Inc. (iPhocus VMG) and US based iPhocus LLC. He possesses extensive public safety and civil defense expertise with over 20 years of industry experience within the telecommunications and wireless sector as well as public safety, private and VIP event security, globally. Prior to co-founding iPhocus, Carlyle served in an international capacity as a Director of Sales within Nortel Networks managing their global partnerships working with firms such as Paris based CapGemini Ernst & Young as well as CGI, one of Canada's largest consulting firms.

After forming iPhocus Inc., Mr. Buchanan focused his consulting practice within technology associated with the rescue and recovery efforts in the aftermath /11 Critical infrastructure protection and physical security post September 11, 2001 has grown to represent a significant industry sector, reinforced by the US President's Executive Order 13228 as well as the Patriot Act. As the senior principal within the iPhocus wireless and physical security practice, he recruited and staffed software developers, project management, security consultants as well as industry sales & marketing specialists from the US, Canada, Middle East and the continent of Africa, over the past six years with private equity placement. In response to the continued change in US and global security risks in 2005, Mr. Buchanan and his team developed an emergency location solution for pinpointing personnel within intact buildings using commercial smart phones. By the end of 2006 iPhocus developed iLink Wireless, the first commercial solution for public safety, private security and at-risk or VIP personnel with the unique ability to locate individuals indoors in 3 dimensions, where GPS is blocked. iLink Wireless has been commercially deployed since 2008.

Mr. Buchanan continues to lead the global direction of the iPhocus company brand through the incorporation of iPhocus LLC in May of 2010 which is based in Herndon, VA. During the summer of 2010, Carlyle established Global Personal Wireless Security (GPWS) projects and partnerships during the World Cup in South Africa as well as high security threats in Nigeria.

Carlyle holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics & Computer Sc. From McMaster University in Canada.