iPhocus Business Consulting Services

iPhocus LLC
Worldgate Plaza IV
12801 Worldgate Drive
Suite 500
Herndon, Virginia 20170
United States

iPhocus Venture Management Group Inc.
Caledon Research & Monitoring Center
13 Valley Hill Drive
Suite 100
Caledon, ON L7E 0BG

Toronto Airport Office
2425 Matheson Boulevard East
8th Floor
Toronto L4W 5K4

CAN: 1-416-417-6384
USA: 1-202-239-8682

We are in ‘The Business of Business’, and we have tremendous breadth and depth of combined business experience and proven results.

We bring ‘structure’ to plans, people and resources. Because we are also in ‘The Business of Technology’ we add value to business process technologically, and because we are first and foremost in ‘The Business of Selling’, we know how to generate revenue, utilize technology and realize the business plan.

Across all three we are noted for our EXECUTION abilities, understanding what to do, how to get it done and getting it done. ‘Level Setting, Structuring and Executing’.

We have a passion and method ‘to bring together’ companies and products, problems and solutions, opportunities and results.

iPhocus is continually looking to add Sales Guns™ and Actioneers™ to our team. If you are interested please send your profile and detailed resume to careers@iphocus.com.